If you come across a bug that has not been listed, please alert the developers on the official forums . If it is accepted as a bug, it will be added to the list.

Known Bugs (1.0.1) Edit

  • LOW - mobs and items can be stuck in blocks if you place them
  • Invisible blocks can be found sometimes
  • Physics behaviour can change when the fps drops
  • Sometimes quickslots display used items instead of becoming empty. Other items can be placed on the broken quickslot
  • Sometimes the empty duration bar remains even after a tool has been completely used
  • Character falls into blocks when moved fast on edges?
  • Running at a ladder and changing immediately direction (up) won't change the animation into climbing state
  • Sometimes the tool life bar doesnt work anymore,or it displays on wrong objects, unclear when it happens.
  • Drag'n'drop (tap location related things) doesn't work on iOS < 4.2
  • Crash during generation caused by a multithread issue (related to string)
  • Equipped tool duration bar doesn't disappear if item is removed by death effect
  • Sometimes closing a craftbook page opened automatically halts the touch controls
  • Check break controls to allow all unplaceable items to break
  • Back layer rock image stays there even after the back layer is destroyed ( unsure about that )
  • Laggy inventory after a while

Known Bugs (1.0.2)Edit

  • Game crashes when you place Note #84 in Craftbook.