Whenever Junk Jack is updated, the update list will be posted here for archive purposes.

Beta Edit

Version Number Date of Update Summary
v0.9 October 8, 2011 Initial beta release.
v0.9a.1 October 8, 2011
  • fixed craftbook craft that wasn't working
  • now papyrus craft gives 2 paper
v0.9.1 October 9, 2011
  • Spiders shouldn't spawn in peaceful from pots
  • Workbench craft doesn't work (it's just a typo)
  • Bigger pause button
  • TestFlight feedback from pause menu
  • Different craft notes are not stackable anymore
  • Fixed addons management (now it correctly inhibits crafting without correct addons)
  • If you get killed while you are running, when you spawn the character will be running until you touch the screen.
  • Reinserted the title track as a possible in game track.
  • Autosave. Since it pauses the game it will halt what you are doing for a little bit but at least you shouldn't lose everything so much often. It won't mostly be in final version, since we are looking forward removing all crashes.
  • Changed versioning system.
v0.9.1b October 9, 2011
  • Expanded bounding box of item slots, tell us if it's harder/easier to drag and use items in inventory
  • When you die with something in your hand and it disappears it will still be in your hand even though it's not in your inventory.
  • Picking up a note sometimes crashes the game
  • Forge craft note should not have a coal as requirement
  • Torch craftbook recipe is duplicated
  • Fixed loom craft (now it is as in the craftbook)
  • Inserted debugging info attached to most of the crashes to be able to solve them quicker

Full Edit

Junk Jack it still in beta and has not been released yet,

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